The Wild West of VR

So, this is a thing now.

We’re excited to further explore these new horizons that are 360 media and VR production.

Our tagline is…

NJOYVR is a active exploration into the best uses and practices for Virtual Reality. Our goal is to make VR more joyful and more accessible for everyone!

So… what does that mean to us?

Art, by it’s very essence has no rules.  There’s no denying, however, that the success of most mediums follow a common “standards and practices” that allow their work to be more accessible and to add value to viewer’s lives.  It’s the Wild West out there for Virtual Reality and everyone is scrambling to figure out the best formula.

In that spirit, we promise to create and collaborate without fear of failure and learn how to produce the best possible Virtual Reality media experience we can.

Let’s break VR together!

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